City & Sea Q & A with founders Matt and Judita

We wanted to share some of the most popular questions we get about our lifestyle.

What supplements do you take for general health and anti aging?

Most of the supplements we take are for dealing with inflammation, slowing the aging process and helping us to be more resilient against toxins in the environment. We avoid processed foods as much as we can and take systemic enzymes to deal with the lifetime of bad fats and other unhealthy ingredients that have built up in our bodies over decades. Systemic enzymes are also amazing for long term inflammation issues and blood clotting as they break down fibrin and clots in the body. 

We take CBD to deal with stress and the inflammation brought on by daily life and the environment, also to help keep our immune system up and our body in a state of homeostasis. As inflammation goes down we insure it does not come back by using the other supplements and eating a clean diet. 

We take vitamin E as an antioxidant and to help process bad fats and make our skin more resilient. High quality vitamin E is an aromatase inhibitor, meaning it suppresses negative aspects of hormones like estrogen. This study suggests it can help prevent breast cancer. is one of our favorite anti aging tools. 

We take niacinamide, a precursor to NAD+, to help support the metabolism and for its liver protective benefits. Studies show niacinamide enhances the liver’s ability to break down toxins, as well as helps a variety of issues like balancing blood sugar, lowering inflammation and even treating arthritis. An underrated, yet, very strong anti-aging tool.

Magnesium is essential for over 300 different body processes, but unfortunately our food and our water does not contain sufficient amounts of magnesium at this time in history. “Low levels of magnesium have been associated with a number of chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiovascular disease (e.g., stroke), migraine headaches, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).” We take it with our CBD for the best night’s sleep ever. Magnesium glycinate is a very bioavailable and tolerable form of magnesium that does not cause loose stools. 

A couple other things we also take, but do not carry, in our store is good old fashioned aspirin. Aspirin, or in it’s natural form, white willow bark, is a great anti inflammatory that also prevent blood clotting, stokes and heart attacks. It also promotes a healthy metabolism and can be protective against cancer.

We will have a D3-K2 supplement soon, but for now we recommend the Sports Research brand. This is for bone health and aiding in the proper use of calcium in the body.

During the fall and winter we take our immune mushroom blend with 9 different medicinal mushrooms and our whole food vitamin C complex. If we are traveling and under stress we take them in the summer as well. They both support a healthy immune system and have other wonderful anti-aging properties.

What kind of supplement schedule are you on? 

We take vitamin E, niacinamide and CBD in the morning and systemic enzymes, magnesium and CBD at night. 

Systemic enzymes should be taken on an empty stomach to get the deep cleaning/dissolving effects, but you can also take them with food as a digestive aid. 

When we eat out at restaurants we always bring our vitamin E and enzymes to offset any negative ingredients that could be present like vegetable oils.

We also like to take a day or two off of the supplements per week just to reset the body. 

Magnesium is great at night as it can help the body wind down for sleep, but it’s also helpful for dealing with general stress as well as the negative effects of EMF radiation from cell phones and wifi routers. 

Do we really need to take so many supplements?

Honestly, yes, unless you live on an island somewhere with magnesium rich soil and water, no wifi, and native heirloom fruit. Our modern lifestyle is anything but natural, so we need to find ways to balance areas that are deficient and get our health to a state of homeostasis where we are running on all cylinders. 

We do not take multi vitamins. Many of those are made with cheap ingredients and not very bioavailable that end up unused and excreted out of the body. We eat a diet high in fruit and root vegetables, pastured eggs, raw cheeses and raw milks. We tend to avoid or minimize nuts and leafy greens as they contain a digestive blockers and anti-nutrients. Meat is usually bison or warm water wild caught fish. Because of having a high, efficient metabolism, we also consume an adequate amount of healthy sugars daily to give the body low stress fuel. This only works in a body free of lipofuscin and inflammation which starts up at the top with systemic enzymes and CBD. 

We avoid beer and wine because of endotoxins. Beer is very estrogenic which we want to avoid at all cost. We do enjoy a nice cocktail from time to time especially with herbal bitters. These aid the liver in processing fats. Taking niacinamide with our drink helps prevent hangover as well!

All of our supplements help create a strong foundation for your health. But before you begin any supplementation focus on getting your diet in order. Don’t exclude any macronutrients, but find the right ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that works for you. Because most of us grew up on inflammatory polyunsaturated fats like vegetable oils, we have become insulin and metabolically resistant and feel much better on a higher protein and fat diet. Though sugar has been demonized as causing health problems, that is a result of a body that is loaded with PUFAs that it is unable to metabolize sugars correctly.. As you do the work to remove accumulated PUFAs from your body and increase your metabolism you will be able to enjoy carbohydrates more freely. Enzymes and vitamin E will help start you on the path of getting your metabolism and hormones regulated.

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