Smart Sweet Xylitol Granules

Smart Sweet


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Making healthy sugar free deserts???  This is your sweetener!

Derived from hardwood trees, not corn.

GMO free

Made in America

1.5 lb bag is equal to 3 1/4 cups.

Xylitol is a natural substance derived from the xylan of birch and other hardwood trees, berries, almond hulls and corn cobs. It was discovered in 1891 by German chemist, Emil Fischer, and has been used as a sweetening agent since the 1960's. Xylitol is a substance that occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables, and in fact, is produced in small amounts (5-15 grams per day) in the human body during normal metabolism. Xylitol enjoys wide acceptance in Japan, Finland, and the Scandinavian countries. In the Soviet Union it has been used for decades as a sweetener for diabetics, and in Germany in solutions for intravenous feeding. Numerous clinical and field studies performed over the past 30 years have demonstrated the safety and efficacy of xylitol as a healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.

- 40% fewer calories than sugar

- safe for children, diabetics, expectant and breastfeeding mothers

- studies show that it helps prevent tooth decay



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