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Includes Sensual Oil, Euphoria 300mg, 1 Sacred Chocolate bar, 1 Candle

This bundle includes one jar of our Sensual CBD Oil. An aromatic and silky blend of all organic ingredients: coconut oil, cacao butter, calendula, cinnamon and ylang ylang.

Our good mood CBD hemp formula, Euphoria 300mg, with full spectrum hemp oil, cacao butter, pomegranate seed extract, and mucuna pruriens (L-dopa).

We’re also really excited to feature Sacred Chocolate organically made raw cacao hearts. This is not your typical conventional chocolate. This is a nibble and savor cacao bar that will elevate your mind and mood and awaken the spiritual heart within. One of four flavors to choose from: Ormus Gold (1mg), Amazonian (exotic), Longevity Bliss with xanthahumol hop extract, or Mint. Please specify in your order or we’ll just surprise you!

Also includes one handcrafted candle made with essential oil scented coconut oil wax, wooden wick, crystals and gemstones. Completely non-toxic and eco friendly. Each candle is one of a kind and will vary slightly from the ones featured.

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Sensual CBD Love Pack

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