Authentic Russian Stone Shungite Bracelet


Wearable radiation-reducing protection. Handmade with authentic and tested shungite from the Karelia region of Russia. Unisex and adjustable.

Tote bag colors vary.

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Authentic Shungite Bracelet

May reduce the harmful effects of UV and electro radiation. Buy authentic Shungite Bracelet online at City & Sea Trading.

Made with authentic shungite from the Karelia region of Russia. Unisex design and adjustable length from 6″ to 8.75″.

Charge in the sun for 2 hours weekly or as needed.

Shungite Bracelet Benifits:

Shungite is a stone that boosts energy, relieves insomnia, and relieves stress and anxiety. Besides protecting us from harmful electromagnetic fields, Shungite can also help our bodies deal with stress and fatigue. This Shungite bracelet absorbs the negative and harmful energies from electric devices.