One of the major causes of pain and inflammation in the body is fibrin, an insoluble protein that is produced in response to bleeding and is the major component of a blood clot. When tissue damage results in bleeding, fibrinogen is converted at the wound into fibrin by the action of thrombin, a clotting enzyme. This is a lifesaver, as it is basically a scab that allows bleeding to stop and wounds to heal. But fibrin can become problematic with chronic inflammation and improperly utilized calcium.

In the case of heart blockage, the culprit is usually calcification of the arteries. The source is often poor diet induced chronic inflammation. In response the body begins to send fibrin to build up a scab. This fibrin attracts calcium and before long you have blockage of the circulatory system.

Autoimmune issues can cause overactive fibrin development as well. The very thing that the body does to save our lives can be the cause of pain and eventual death. Fibromyalgia is the name for fibrin that is undissolved and continues to build up around inflammation. You can see how a strong anti-inflammatory like CBD may be helpful for fibromyalgia pain, but how do you address the core problem? Vitamin K2 helps the body properly utilize calcium while systemic enzymes break down fibrin and bad calcium. An overall clean, whole food diet removes the source for most of these problems.

The key to dealing with fibrin is enzymes. Enzymes are the building blocks of life. They are a part of all organic life performing various important functions in our bodies. Systemic enzymes break down fibrin overgrowth and toxic buildups all over our body. Studies show they can help break down toxic metals as well as lipofuscin (age spots) that comes from polyunsaturated fats in our cells and can help unclog arteries. One amazing study exposed rats to high doses of aluminum and after 45 days of systemic enzymes, the rats showed a huge improvement in negative effects of the aluminum and were markedly better than the control group (1).

Enzymes are essential if you are dealing with inflammation, joint pain, bad skin, calcification and conditions like fibromyalgia. We take enzymes daily as well as vitamin E (we have a City and Sea vitamin E coming soon). All of these combined with regular CBD have been the best tools in fighting inflammation. Everyone is turning to fish oil for inflammation, and in most cases this is just causing more problems since polyunsaturated fat is unstable and oxidizes in the human body. We can see in studies that a diet deficient in vitamin E and high in fish oils leads to yellow fat disease or lipofuscin  (2).

Not only do enzymes break down lipofuscin, but vitamin E helps to metabolize the oils that cause it. Reduction or removal of polyunsaturated fats and high dose enzymes and vitamin E can remove one of the main causes of inflammation, and the addition of CBD in a coconut oil base addresses inflammation head on.

So how do you take systemic enzymes? Our starting dose years back was 6 enzyme capsules per day on an empty stomach. Because we have a great diet we just take a maintenance dose of 3 pills a few days a week usually before bed on an empty stomach. After years of taking systemic enzymes we have seen improved skin, noticeable reduction of age spots, less random aches and pains, greater mental clarity and more.

One interesting note on enzymes, most of the places on Earth that have the longest living people are in tropical locations where they eat large amounts of tropical fruits, which have massive amounts of naturally occurring enzymes. Our anti aging protocol includes supplementing systemic enzymes and enjoying as much pineapples, mangos and papayas we can get our hands on. If you really need a reboot to your health, go to the tropics and eat all the local local fruit you can along with daily sunlight and walks on the beach. 

For the beginner, we suggest 6-9 pills a day on an empty stomach. If you’re in really bad shape you can take as many as 10 per day, but start slow as it can cause the bowels to move. Once your body is cleaned out you will be on a regular healthy bowel movement schedule and you can reduce it to 2-3 enzyme capsules per day. Give it time as fibrin is the result of years of constant inflammation, but most can start feeling some benefits with in a few days to a few weeks. Click here to explore our systemic enzymes.



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