We test a random selection of bottles from every manufacturing lot we make for consistency. Our goal is to always exceed our claims by a small percentage so you always get as much or more than stated. All our oils are full spectrum and while they are dominantly CBD and CBDa, you will notice many other small bumps on the graph. These are trace amounts of all the other cannabinoids. It changes subtly from batch to batch depending on which harvest and strain we are using at the moment. We only use hemp grown for medicinal use.

All testing is calibrated to 1oz or 29.6ml. Our high potency formulas come in 2oz bottles so double the CBD amount to account for the 2oz size on those test pages.

Both exceed the 1600 and 3600 claim on the label but are still well within the acceptable margin of error.

This link is our latest test from the well known Pro Verde Labs. You can see that our oils are consistently free of pesticides, free of mold, meet our dosage claims, and have a rich array of cannabinoids. The profile that you see is the profile of the plants. There is little to no THC in our plants. It doesn’t show up on the test. That does not mean it is not there, but it is only in very trace amounts in our plants bred for medical grade CBD.

Lot 102620

Pure 300 / Pure 1600 / Pure 3600

Full Spectrum Hemp Gummies Sept/2020

2009DBL0123.8629 – City & Sea Trading LLC – Full Spectrum Gummy 20mg

Broad Spectrum Hemp Gummies Sept/2020

2009DBL0123.8628 – City & Sea Trading LLC – Broad Spectrum Gummy 20mg


And below you can see some of our standard potency tests.

Euphoria Test summer 2019

Pure base test spring 2019