The CBD Trifecta

CBD + Coffee + Cacao

The depression and anxiety lowering trifecta! Good health is important for being resilient to the stresses of life. Eat organic and stay away from toxins especially in the home. Things like cleaning supplies and laundry detergent can be loaded with xeno-estrogens that can affect hormone and mood balance. CBD and high quality coffee and chocolate on the regular are a huge positive mood boost. All three of these super foods are high in anti-oxidants that protect your cells, brain and skin. Chocolate contains it’s own cannabinoid, anandamide, this works along with CBD to rewire the brain to feel good. Real chocolate contains magnesium as well, which is calming and great for sleep and sore muscles. Coffee is just neurotropic magic. If you are feeling a little down, give yourself a gift every day. A little CBD, chocolate and coffee party.