How To Find Your Perfect Dose

CBD tincture

Did you know CBD doesn’t have an official serving size? That’s because we all have our own unique bio individuality and needs. Some folks can feel CBD working from the smallest dose, while some need 300mg to feel a difference. If you’re wondering where to start, we recommend our 300 or 600 size. A 1mL dropper has 10mg of CBD per serving. Start with 1mL per day and see if you notice any benefits. From there add another serving until you see changes in mood, sleep, mobility, etc. Can you overdose? Not really, but if you feel excessive dry mouth, sleepiness (during the day), or low blood pressure/heart rate then reduce your dosage. Using it daily and consistently will yield much better results over using it only as needed. You may find you need less over time as your cells become saturated with cannabinoids. CBD acts on 60 different molecular pathways so consistent use may give us an edge in overall heath and feeling of wellbeing and balance.

CBD and Terpenes for COVID Inflammation

CBD and terpenes for COVID

Well this is cool, from Forbes Magazine,  an article on the benefits of CBD and terpenes in treating COVID-19. Part of what makes full spectrum CBD great is all the terpenes, but did you know we have always added some extra terpenes to our formulas? This gives our CBD the maximum “cascade effect”. All the terpenes enhance the CBD and Vice versa, then we add things like CO2 extracted turmeric and it’s just a powerhouse of wellbeing that, in our opinion,  exceeds most CBD on the market.